Snake vs Block Hack – Size, Speed, No Ads

Snake Vs Block Hack / Cheats – No ads, Speed

Snake vs Block Hack


Snake vs Block Hack will definitely help you to fully enjoy this game having many options. Our program goes stick to the .apk file and it modify it for a better and easier gaming experience. As you can see, it’s a pretty basic game for mobile phones. You need to collect the yellow balls to add size to your snake. The blocks are marked with a number, and you need to avoid them as much as possible, that number means how much length you will lost if you hit them, so if the size of your snake is smaller than the number on that block, hitting it will lead to the end of the round. Basically, the best strategy for Snake vs Block is to get all these yellow balls avoiding the walls or hitting the weakest ones, it’s necessary to sacrifice the size of your snake, but when and how you do it makes the difference. However, you can build your own strategy to reach the high score, just keep in mind it’s all about quick decision, attention and reflexes. If you’re into arcade games, very basic gameplay and quick rounds is a good combination, this little game can become very addictive and frustrating, but overall it’s a decent way to spend your gaming time. If you decided to play dirty and get your score higher, you can save time using Snake vs Block Hack. Using very simple cracking tricks, this soft will do the things in your advantage to fully enjoy the game experience. Many of us know that type of arcade games are played just for fun, and it’s not necessary to use tricks or hacks, but after a while when the game got your attention, these little softs such as Snake vs Block Hack can be very useful if you don’t abuse on it. Our program is available for Android, iOS, Windows Phones and comes with many features, it’s your decision which one you want to use. You don’t need  to pay for any of these but we would appreciate if you can support us with 1 Like, 1 Google +1 & 1 Tweet.


Snake vs Block Hack Features:

  • Increase Speed (good for beginning)
  • Decrease Speed (after a while)
  • Constant Speed (from the start)
  • Remove Ads
  • God Mode (Blocks can’t decrease your size)
  • Snake Size Increase