War Robots Hack / Cheats 2018 – Get Free Gold & Silver

War Robots Hack / Cheats 2018 – Get Free Gold & Silver (Android and iOS)

War Robots Hack 2018 - Gold and Silver


Introducing War Robots

War Robots is one of the hottest online shooters right now and it’s been great since everyone talks about it, seems like a really entertaining game to play so our team decided to give it a look, this is why we wrote this article. I downloaded it on my phone, and you can download it as well since is available for both big platforms, Android and iOS.  Right now I can say my first impression about this popular game is actually good and one of the main reason is because it’s online. I mean many times the big difference between a game I will play constantly and a game I will delete from my phone after I get bored is the play mode. Online playing give you so many ways to build your character getting different and special weapons. There is also different ways to play, you can try solo or you can join a team, usually formed by 6 players. At the same time you have different mods and I can honestly say this is the reason I started writing this article and I keep playing this game these days, it’s like a hack. The variety of weapons, mods, ways to play and maps is a deadly combination because you will become addicted as soon as you understand how the game works and how you can become better and kills more robots faster. Here all the credits are given to the developers, they made a very successful and unique game. It’s not only my opinion but the statistics says the same thing. It’s crazy how technology is raising and smartphones make a laptop or PC almost useless. I’m saying this because all you need to enjoy this PvP game is a decent phone and an internet connection, graphics is good and you won’t get bored of this game soon, the respawn mode will keep that thought away from you.

About War Robots Hack

So far so good, let’s assume you already know almost everything of what I said above, you started enjoining playing but right now you want to become better and better, get new weapons, unlock different items and do something different. I guess you probably don’t have enough resources to do that, I’m talking about gold and silver. I know, it’s a pain in the ass to love a game and eventually when you enjoy it at the maximum you hit a point where you need to buy silver or gold. And of course, I don’t say it’s a bad thing, everyone win in that situation, developers get the reward for their work and you pay for the items to keep grossing, everyone should be happy, but I bet you are not. The title is straight to the point and I assume you know what I’m about to talk right now, this is probably why you are here. That’s right, War Robots Hack is the subject I’m about to debate and I’m going to explain to you step by step how to become a god at this game not needing to spend any single dollar. I think it’s sounds great for you because it should be. First of all, there are plenty of “gurus” out there  that claims they will give to you unlimited free gold and silver, just at one click distance. From my experience I know 99 % of them are wrong, they are bluffing and it’s hard to tell which one or which website you should trust. RegalHacks.com is in the game from 2013 and all we do is to provide different kind of tools, cheats or hacks for a big variety of games (Android, iOS, PC). We can’t do that for every single game but for this one is done, this is why here is the only place you will find a working War Robots Hack / Cheats. Ok, let’s get straight the point, War Robots Hack will allow you to get a huge number of gold and silver, all of that for free. I’m not gonna lie to you, you can get number like 9999999 gold or silver, but you can have like from 10k to 100k. The reason for that is because our War Robots Hack will get through their security scripts and will add to your account from 10k to 100k gold and silver. Adding 9999999 resources will eventually lead to get your account banned because their server will see something that is not normal, so I don’t recommend anyone to use every War Robots Hack you find on google.

How to use the hack safely

To use this tool you have to follow some simple steps, first of all go to War Robots Hack Page and select how many resources you want, after that you press “START” and you wait to complete the process. After the process is complete, is you get a notification and now you can access your account and enjoy your new numbers. Being in the game for too long, RegalHacks will provide anything you want to get that gold and silver safely, without getting your account banned. We use private proxy and different SSL. I only recommend using War Robots Hack one per week, maximum two. If you use it more frequently it’s at your own risk. That was pretty much all, hope you guys will enjoy this tool and use it wisely. Remember, you don’t have to pay for any of these, but you can support us with a 1 Like, 1 Google +1 and 1 Tweet, we would appreciate it. Have a god one, yeah with a single “o” because you will become a god at this game.